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The Fast Talking Podcast


Andy Imholte has done an outstanding job of bringing quality audio podcasts to the auctioneer community. His website as of today lists over 50 different educational and entertaining such episodes.

I had the pleasure of helping with podcast # 58 concerning the UCC 2-328. That podcast can be heard here:

Other podcasts have discussed winning auctioneer contests, effective marketing, National Auctioneer Association candidate interviews, contract auctioneering, champion auctioneer interviews, auction seller and buyer best practices, and many more …

As one of many who writes about the auction industry, Andy’s podcast adds sound to those words, and listeners hear the actual voices of those participating. The podcasts are fun to listen to and one can’t help but learn something too — a great combination.

Our recent podcast dealt with the UCC 2-328 which is a set of laws that is important for all auctioneers in the United States. We’ve written extensively about the UCC 2-328 and its many facets — including court rulings and interpretations and related (yet) unanswered questions.

This particular podcast covers only the basics of the UCC 2-328 (in total, just over 28 minutes) but they are material issues: (1) What is an auction? (2) Can the bid be reopened? (3) What are the types of auctions and rights of withdrawal? (4) When can the seller bid?

If you’re in the auction business, I invite you to take advantage of as many sources of auction information you can — classes, seminars, conventions as well as blogs, online videos and podcasts like Andy’s Fast Talking Podcast.

Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, CAI, AARE has been an auctioneer and certified appraiser for over 30 years. His company’s auctions are located at: Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, Keller Williams Auctions and Goodwill Columbus Car Auction. He serves as Adjunct Faculty at Hondros College of Business, Executive Director of The Ohio Auction School and Faculty at the Certified Auctioneers Institute held at Indiana University.

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